Friday, April 22, 2011


We decided to get away from the rain and cold a couple of weeks ago so we headed down to one of my favorite places..... St. George.  It was a short trip of swimming, golf and LDS General Conference.  We had a great time and great weather, more importantly we had great food; Sawyer was in love with the fried chicken at Chuckarama and Pops continued his love affair with Toms Deli!  The golf courses were beautiful as was the scenery.  There just isnt a better place to get away from the cold wet spring weather than St. George!
sunrise on Sky Mountain Golf Course

Sawyer taking a swimming break

Cousins playing in the sand at the Thomas Condo... we had a great bbq there!

More Spring Activities!

Nana had her annual Easter egg hunt over at her and pops' house it was good times and the kids love it!  We got there and turned the kids loose in the backyard for the hunt. 
Halles Stash

After the hunt the kids colored some eggs which is always an adventure!

Abe and Halle going at it.

Sawyer and his green egg

It was a fun Saturday.....BYU basketball is over, football hasnt started yet, the Jazz didnt make the playoffs, and its still too cold to golf, the girls are loving life!!!

I think it is causing Luke to go a little stir crazy (I can see it in his eyes)
see what i mean.....

To switch subjects a little bit, Halle had her ears worked on again......she is a real trooper she just goes with it and although she's scared at times she looks forward to the popsicles and ice cream when its all said and done.  It's a little bit exciting because she can now hear her teacher at school!  Hallelujah! I think her teacher was getting a little nervous knowing that she might have to talk into a microphone in her class.....haha oh well, we just hope that Halles ears get better and stay better!  We are lucky though it could be worse!

just about to go to sleep (surgery)

she wasnt too excited about her hat... 

One more note for the spring so far.  When we got home from St. George Sawyer must have thought his skin was really dry because he loved the Vaseline. 

We were wondering why it was so quiet in his room!

Well until next's to wishing you have a good spring.  Just remember- April Showers bring May flowers.  ok ok that was lame. 



Brianne said...

What a fun trip! It's always nice to get some sun.

How scary to send your baby into surgery! I'm so glad she's hearing better and hope that it continues.

Vaseline can be a nightmare. I hope it was just on him and not all over his room!

Lynette Sunday said...

Good job on the blog Nick. You are a pro. Always fun to see what is going on with the fam. Especially the grandkids.