Tuesday, December 30, 2008

We are figuring this blogging thing out

 OK we are figuring this blogging thing out hopefully we can get it down we love looking at everybody's blog so we need to do it ourselves.  Here is a picture of ourselves on Yellowstone Lake "fishin" we knocked em dead! Thanks to those of you who have helped us so far with making this blog possible......you know who you are.  Anyway stay tuned more to come never a dull moment here in the Salmon household.  We have to talk ourselves up a bit cause we actually are dull......so there

Monday, December 29, 2008

So the Salmons (Jessica) finally got a computer for Christmas!  I can now feel apart of the 'cyberworld' and not be a loser.  I have no clue what Im doing whatsoever so this will be a good challenge for me.  I think mom and dad were more excited for Christmas this year than the kids!  Dad not so excited about putting toys together but so worth it on Christmas morning!  Between Halle's birthday on the 6th and Christmas she needs nothing for the next few years!  

Luckily November and December were both busy months so I have a lot to blog about and my 'readers' wont be bored. (Hopefully!)  Slick Nick and "the boys" went pheasant hunting in Nebraska for a few days and came home with a truckload of birds.  Since I dont really know how to cook pheasant- or really care to, Nick took all of the birds to the Mandarin where I work and gave them to one of the chinese cooks who LOVES them.  Hence his new bff.  Nicks other bff went with him pheasant hunting and they had a blast!